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Mission – what we stand for

Stanno aims to create products that support the athlete’s momentum. For the brand it’s all about defining moments. Stanno strongly believes that everyone, every athlete, regardless of his or her level, can experience true moments of glory.

Our mission is to create essential sports products that support everyone, every athlete, regardless of his or her level, in experiencing moments of glory.


Vision – what we aim for

Stanno connects its products to the decisive moments in sport. A mission that appeals to the imagination. The Stanno vision has an even stronger focus on the future. It’s the dream that makes Stanno take action every day.

                                                                                                                                   To become the first brand in the athlete’s mind when it                                                                                                                                     comes to moments of glory.

Stanno was launched in 1990 with the aim of becoming an essential, reliable and natural part of every athlete’s equipment. Stanno started with the introduction of a compact collection of innovative goalkeeper gloves. A specialty that the brand is still known for. The brand quickly started to expand its range. For every new development, the needs of the athlete were key. A high-quality teamwear collection was developed, suitable for various team sports. In addition, the equipment portfolio was slowly but surely built up internationally, along with a refined clothing collection for casual comfort. At every step on new ground, the two powerful key pillars of Stanno were of decisive value.

Stanno kept growing and continued to win over new groups of athletes. The first sponsorships appeared on the horizon, in various sports. To this day, it is the specialty of Stanno to provide extensive collections of interest to every kind of athlete, on the one hand, and, on the other, to develop tailored, high-tech products for specific groups of athletes. This winning blend of versatility and innovation is what makes Stanno such a powerful and essential sports brand.