Stanno is taking more and more steps towards sustainable production. The ultimate goal is to produce sports articles in a completely circular way. Raw materials are finite. Continuing with the current method of production, where raw materials (and garments) are thrown away after a few uses, is out of date. We must take the consumer with us to transition to a more sustainable economy. With the MWY+ concept, we are fully committed to circular sportswear, and you can join us!
We are making it easier for our customers to make an environmentally conscious choice. Under the label MWY+, we bring clothes made of sustainable materials on the market. This saves on the use of natural raw materials. Other sustainable concepts also fall under this label, such as making the office more sustainable and collaborations with the Salvation Army ReShare, among others, and sustainable packaging materials. We make it easy for customers who like to shop responsibly to recognise these products. The products can be identified by a special card with more information about MWY+. On the product pages, these products can be recognised by the MWY+ logo